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Clarissa awoke to a darkened room. She strained to see the clock. 7:45. She couldn't believe she had slept for so long. She looked around and noticed Sam was gone. "Oh God," she thought, "What have I done?" Her mind raced to the events of hours past. She was filled with half guilt and half with a tingle of pleasure. She crawled out of bed and walked gingerly into the bathroom. She was still a little sore from her first fuck. Sam's cum had dried onto her belly and now crusty and flaky. She giggled as she thought about the look on Sam's face as he shot his wad. She was thankful her parents were out of town, though, what if mom had walked in? Clarissa cringed at the thought. Or worse yet, what about Ferguson? Aaaarrgghh!! Clarissa turned the water on for her shower. She looked at her near perfect body in the mirror. She noticed her face was a little flushed (glowing?). She stepped into the shower and grabbed the soap. She started scrubbing her pubic area and slowly ran the bar of soap over her clit. The sensation got her aroused. She took her free hand and started massaging around her pussy while soaping her clit. The combination was turning her on. She parted her pssy lips with two fingers and started to shove the soapbar in. It was almost too big but she was getting hot. She got part of the corner in and began making cicular motions with it. She kept rubbing her pussy lips, clit and her whole pubic area as she shoved the soapbar a little further in. She felt that tingling sensation coming on. In a matter of minutes she had a crashing orgasm as she inserted her finger into her rectum. She then proceeeded to wash the rest of her body and rinse off.


At about 11:00 p.m., Beth arose from our bed and went downstairs. A while later I also got up and found her in the living room, where she was lying on the couch, on her side, still completely naked, facing the back of the sofa, in the familiar fetal position. She appeared to be asleep. I slinked onto the sofa behind her and discovered, by her gentle stirring, that she was still awake. Not knowing what she was thinking, or feeling, I turned on my side, so that my chest was pressed against her back, spoon- like, and cradled her body against mine. I reached around her to cup her small, almost girlish breasts in my hands, stroking and kneading them and feeling her nipples slowly gain erection. I moved my left hand down to her groin, pressing into the soft, curly hairs, and began stroking there too. She responded by pushing her ass back against me, parting her legs in the process, leaving her left leg raised, lazily resting on my hip. Then, in her assertive way, she reached between her legs and took my cock in her hand, guiding it to, but not into, her. Still behind her, almost passive, my half-erect cock was between her legs, and she was rubbing it in a slow, circular motion against her clitoris. When I changed my position slightly in an obvious effort to slide myself into her, she pushed the shaft back, then whispered, "Uh-uh. Not there; I want you here, in my ass." So saying, she placed the head of my cock right in the middle of her anus, then rubbed it back and forth across the diminutive opening. At first, I thought she was teasing me. "Are you serious?" I asked, somewhat incredulously. We had never done that before, and I remember wondering if this was something about Beth's sexuality that I hadn't known.

Anal Fun
So here I am, trapped in a house that is so far away from fun and civilization that the chances of my even meeting some one are virtually nil. If this weren't enough, it isn't even July yet and the temperature is over 90 degrees. I am truly in Hell. My bedroom is on the third floor, as far away from the sounds of Hick TV as I can get. After dinner each evening I make my way up to the solitary place to brood about how utterly cruel life can be to the young. As the black starless sky eats away at twighlight purples and pinks, I turn down the bed and decide to go to sleep. The air is motionless and stifling as I lie flat on my back staring at the cieling. As if all these things weren't enough punishment, I am horney, incredible so, I want, no strike that, I need a thick fat cock inside me and I am frustrated to the point of tears. I close my eyes and imagine my lover lightly pinching my nipples. I start to touch myself through the thin cotton t-shirt but this is not real enough for me. I get up from the bed and strip naked. Now I can reach all the skin and flesh I need. I lick my finger tips and start rolling my nipples back and forth between them. I would give anything in the world for someone to suck the pointy brown tips of my breasts right now. I tug at my nipple hoops eliciting a moan and a flood of wetness between my legs. This orgasm will be fast and intense and that is exactly how I want it. I kneel on the bed and bend over, raising my tanned ass high in the air. I have wanted to try anal sex for months but I haven't had the courage to go through with it. I think of all the incredible sex toys I have seen... I would love to have something to slip inside my ass right now...




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