Stories - For Women

The first thing she noticed about him was his dazzling white smile, the kind that lit up a room, and the next thing was his laugh, so easy and gentle, yet the kind that made you want to laugh along with him because it made you so happy!!! How she ended up down by the water front while the rest of the group was touring the city's main cathedral she'll never know, but the olive skinned young man with the beautiful smile was making a pass at her and while she tried to fight it, she couldn't help but enjoy the feeling of being pursued, after all, it had been a long time!!! "You are American, no," he asked softly while staring straight into her eyes as if he was trying to see deep inside of her!?! "Uh yes, I'm an American," she replied shyly, "are you a a native of Naples!?!" "But of course," he replied smoothly, "and how do you like our city!?!" "It's the most beautiful city I've ever seen," she replied slightly red faced, "with the volcano and all, it's very romantic!!!" "It is a city for lovers," he answered, "you know the saying, see Naples and die, but I might add not to quickly!!!" They both giggled at his little joke before he asked, "And what is your name!?!" "My name is Melinda, Melinda Knight," she replied, "and what's yours!?!" "My name is Antonio, but of course everyone calls me Tony," he replied, "would you do me the pleasure of boarding my boat!?!"


The Big Party
Jenny Craft was on cloud number nine! She couldn’t believe her good luck! Having met Charlie only a month ago, and now he was taking her to a party that would include his best and closest friends. They were having what once was described as a whirl wind romance. Introduced by a friend of a friend, they had become almost inseparatable. From the very first night together the sex and been beyond phenomenal! Charlie was hung like a horse and knew exactly how to use it! This was the first time that Jenny had ever had a man with over sized equipment, and she now was a true believer in the saying that size DOES matter! The first time she saw Charlie’s cock she nearly fainted at the thought of trying to get that monster into her tight little pussy, but Charlie was so sweet and considerate the way he made the tenderest love that first time! Making sure that she was totally lubricated and turned on, he ever so slowly inched his organ into her pussy. After the initial shock of have her pussy stretched farther than ever before, she just relaxed and tried to enjoy it. After a few minutes, however, the feeling of being really filled up overwhelmed her! Just thinking of that huge organ inside of her brought her to a shattering orgasm! Charlie hadn’t even started pumping her yet and she was cumming like a little cock hound! After that she was hooked!

Hillary was getting bored. She sat staring off into space from her dorm window. Today was one of the times she wondered what made her go to school on the West coast. Far from home and few good friends, she started to feel all alone among the native Californians. As she watched the other students walk along the path below her window, she suddenly caught her breath as around the corner came an incredibly gorgeous guy. She watched intently as he walked by, admiring his sunbronzed muscles rippling under his shirt, the muscular legs, firm ass, the confident way he walked. She watched until he was out of sight, and finally looked around for something better to do. Her eyes lit on her bikini, thrown off-handedly over the back of a chair, next to a steamy romance novel. She grinned, thinking to herself, "Just what I need. Sunbathe on the roof and a little appropriate reading matter, considering my mood." She did have to admit to herself, she was horny as hell, and since she had nothing to for it, perhaps a nap in the sun might calm her nerves. She quickly changed into the bikini, pausing to admire herself in the mirror. She knew the only reason she had such trouble finding a man on campus was her own nerves. Her body was fine, better than fine. Her breasts were firm, and well-rounded, without seeming over large. She raised a hand to cup one, noting that it would just fill the palm of the average man. She slid her hands down her waist and over her gently rounded hips. Not an ounce of unappealing fat; her curves were just right. Everything about her screamed romance, if only she wouldn't get tongue-tied every time a good looking male so much as glanced at her!




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