Stories - Hardcore

Just Between Friends
They had been lovers, several years ago. A tormented 6 month relationship, that started off strong. After six months, Tom broke off the relationship, giving no reason for his decision. Robin had thought everything was going just fine. They had planned to first visit Robin's family in Chicago for Christmas and then, continue to New York visiting Tom's mom and friend. During their trip, their sex petered to none. The second day of the New Year, Tom called, breaking off their relationship. Robin was shattered, unwilling to accept that this very special guy had just broken off their relationship. Everyone had said they make a perfect couple and that they looked well with each other. Okay, so a few of his friends said he could do better. Robin was not the perfect female. She had a few weight problems that she was continually struggling against. Tom had wanted a small slight petite women, which Robin would never be or become. She could loose a hundred pounds and still never be a slight petite women. Robin was a big boned German women. Several years had passed, where Robin had gotten involved with someone else, loosing contact with Tom. She had wanted to stay friends, but didn't know how. Loosing Tom's friendship was another blow, to Robin's fragile ego. Robin got engaged and was suppose to get married. Her new relationship was not working, no matter how she worked at it. During the last year of her new relationship, Tom reappeared in her life. She accepted his friendship without strings. She had grown up a lot over the years, and after her break-up with her fiancée, Robin had no desire for anything complicated or serious. She just wanted to play. Robin found herself more open to trying new things, like swingers clubs and drugs. Before, she had been conservative and held a tight grip on her feelings and self. Robin wanted to try new things and new people. Her friendship with Tom deepened, and she found she was spending more enjoyable time with him, being his friend.


Looking for Action
I knew being a cop's wife would be hard. The only thing I didn't anticipate was the loneliness. We're a young married couple, struggling for money, so Ted works all the overtime he can which leaves me at home alone. It got to be more than I could stand, so I started going out and hitting the local clubs. Looking back, I guess I was looking for trouble, but I didn't realize it until I'd found it. I like to attract a little attention when I go out. It's a good way to keep your bar tab down. That I slipped into a thin cotton dress which was cut high above the knee andlow on my chest – and so tight it guarenteed I'd get all the attention I wanted. The club was typically crowded for a Friday night. All the regulars were there, including this guy Brian who'd been flirting with me hard for the last couple weeks. He knew I was married, but that didn't seem to stop him. I wouldn't have been so encouraging, but he was damned hot, tall, dark, broad chest I flirted with him all night. I even let him drag me onto the dance floor and grind me for a while. I could feel his cock through his jeans and it did make me more than a little curious. Of course, the more he drank, the more Brian tried to fondle me. I was enjoying it, even though I had no intention of letting things go further. I finally suggested he step outside to get some air. He said he would, if I went too. I agreed.

Work Out
Working out has always been an erotic delight. As I am sweating on one of the many Cardiovascular machines that are littered around the gym, I watch the sexy sweaty bodies work out. In seconds, the bodies are naked before my eyes and I can see each and every contour. I purposely work out very late at night, hoping that one night my fantasy of naked bodies would come true. I have imagined myself many of times, being surrounded by several gorgeous body builders using the exercise machines to cure my perverse sexual needs. This evening was no different. I chose my EFX-244 Cardiovascular Cross Trainer carefully, making sure it gave me complete visual access. There were only three other people working out in the gym with me. As I climbed onto the machine, I imagined the women completely naked. She had large round firm breasts that begged to be sucked and stroked. I knew her bush was thick and curly because I saw it through her sweaty exercise shorts. Her legs were well cut displaying long hours of tedious exercises. She turned showing me her tight ass. As she leaned over the bench, grabbing a weight, her ass cheeks spread giving me a clear view of her tight hole and wet pink pussy lips.




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