Stories - Lesbian

The Strap-on
Robin was lost in thought as she rode the Clark St. bus on her way to her job as a junior trader at the Board of Trade in downtown Chicago. Having only graduated from the U of I three months ago, she felt very lucky indeed to have landed such a good job in such a short period of time. If she kept her nose to the grindstone and worked hard, Robin was sure that not only would this job provide the mental challenge she needed, but also the kind of money most folks only dreamed of. As the bus swayed to and fro as it passed over the Chicago River bridge, Robin thought that the only real problem she had since moving to The Big Windy was the lack of any real social life. By now she had hoped to have made some close friends but it just hadn’t worked out that way with the workload she was carrying. Even in college she had just a handful of good friends, with no boy friends at all. Robin worried about her seeming total disinterest in men, and often wondered if she were maybe gay. In college, although she never showed it, she was always more interested in being with the girls. Her friend Joan had always kidded her that she was sexually repressed and just needed a good lay. Robin just would laugh and give the old “when I meet the right guy I’ll know it” line. This had gone on for four years with no sexual contact with men or women. Now she had read all the manuals and “how to” sex books but had never gone any farther than the masturbation part, and thankfully she didn’t have a problem having an orgasm!!! From her first attempt in high school Robin had discovered that her body was highly sexed and that orgasms came very easily for her, and just a few twists on her nipples made her pussy wet and hot, and either a her finger on her clit or a candle used as a substitute dick made her have shattering cums. So although she often wondered about having sex with a partner, she certainly wasn’t under any pressure to get it over with. Just then the bus stopped at Jackson St. where Robin hopped off and headed off to the office. Her mind then turned to the business of the day, but sex was surely in the back of her head.


The night shook with fury and the rain thrashed against the roof. The storm windows sounded like they were going to fly off their hinges. It was dark and cold outside as she looked out the front windows, waiting... Paula had not come home yet and was several hours passed due. Tina passed again, in front of the windows, holding her breath...maybe the next set of lights would be... But they weren't. Paula had not yet arrived. Tina was still so upset from their stormy argument just hours ago. Tina found herself blameless for what occurred, but it was bound to happen. Tina had been with Paula for almost 5 years. It was her first serious lesbian relationship. She had toyed with being a lesbian while she was in college, but never took it seriously. Her first fling was with her roommate. One night her roommate came home, unsatisfied by her current boyfriend. She crawled into Tina's bed, naked. Her roommate had spread her legs, taking Tina's hand down to stroke her hot wet lips. Something about the moment had turned Tina on. Tina was unable to respond, due to her uncertainty of the situation. But for several nights after that encounter, she had dreamt about the feel of her roommates pussy. They eventually got it on and were caught by their den mother. A pack was made, and every Friday night when most of the girls were out partying, Tina, her roommate and the den mother got it on. College was an enjoyable experience.


Lesbian Needs
Erin let her hand roam over Vanna's tight ass as the two lesbian lovers kissed passionately underneath the stinging rays of their morning shower!!! The two women couldn't have been more different, with Erin tall and lean with almost a dancer's body, perfect 36B cup breasts and short blonde hair that framed her beautiful face, while Vanna was much shorter, and not quite fat, she certainly was on the chubby side with her 38DD breasts and wide plump bottom coupled with a nice round tummy that capped her wildly hairy dark brunette vagina!!! Both girls appreciated the others attributes as Erin would have killed for Vanna's big chest, while on the other hand just once Vanna would like to slip into a perfect size six dress instead of her usual size twelve!!! As the intensity of their kiss grew, automatically each one slipped a finger into the others vagina and quickly frigged her to a stunning orgasm, leaving them both shaken and satiated before leaving for work!!! After leaving the apartment building arm in arm, they gave each other a quick peck on the cheek, and then went off in opposite directions on their way to work!




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