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The Student, The Counsellor and The Librarian
It had been a bad evening. Dinner with Brad and the worst argument of their relationship. A really bad evening. Bad enough to make Lisa think she should swear off boys! When Lisa arrived for school the next morning, after her doctors appointment, Joan was quick to track her down before her first class started. "Lisa, could you please come into my office for a few seconds?" Joan asked her in the crowded hallway. Together, they retired into Joan's guidance office, the one without any windows to the outside. Joan closed the door behind her, without locking it. "How did it go?" the guidance counselor asked the sexy teen, trying to keep any hint of concern out of her voice. "Stop worrying, Joan." Lisa answered, "The tests were negative. See, I knew there'd be no problem." "When you're eighteen, that's an easy assumption to make." was all Joan could reply. "Besides, " Lisa said with that flirtatious, seductive tone her voice could take on, "I just loved the visit. They always give me special treatment there." "Really?" said Joan, settling back into her chair behind the desk. "And all for free? That's one nice doctor. I ought to go to him." "Yeah, you ought to. And his receptionist is pretty cool too!" God, Joan thought, did this slut fuck the doctor and his receptionist in their office? If it were anybody but Lisa, she'd know they were lying. But that's what she was implying, not by her words but the tone of voice they were spoken in. "Would you like to tell me the details?" asked Joan. "Sure, but maybe later, at your house?" replied Lisa. "I have to go to class soon." Her smile was wicked and seductive. Joan felt the little demon turn loose in her. She looked at the smiling, sexy girl, and remembered what furious sex they'd had between each other and with John. She could feel her own honey start to flow from the thought.


Love is the Drug
'Nuff with fiction, here's a slice of real life, today, Imperial Beach, California. Imperial Beach is different, it's different, that's all I'll say for now. Tell me if it's as good for you as it was for me. Her sweet butt only just covered by a short very light cotton dress leaning forward across the counter of I.B. Market down at the ocean-front fiddling with her change to pay for the 12-pack. I was horny the second I walked into the store and focussed in on that fanny and skirt up to her crotch and then when she turned and looked me full in the face and smiled and I saw her face, pert n pretty with exotic mouth, full kiss-me lips, 18-yearold tits, nice cute firm handfuls, I wanted her bad. Hell, was I horny. Hadn't been with a woman since, well, night before around 9pm - man! my butt was still sore from the whooping my 20-yearold Mexican cutie gave me with a serving spoon bent over the kitchen counter. She knows how that turns me on. If you're thinking maybe guys who manage adult sites on the net get good sex response from females you're right. Even prissy twats like "my-father's-a-powerful-attorney" go bananas about 4 minutes 7.6 seconds after they take scope a few of my pages.


First Time Gang
It's funny how fast we grow up. How many of us never have friends our own ages. It seems they are alway older and more experienced. When I was a sophmore, one of my best friends was dating a senior boy. As a result, the gang that I hung out with was mostly seniors. One summer night, a group of about 20 of us were just hanging out and crusing. I had on short denim skirt and a tight tank-top and was being a big tease. We decided that we would go from the mall to a teen club across town. Derrick grabbed my hand and said we should ride over in Michael's car. Harold said he would also ride with us. So I climbed into the back seat between Derrick and Harold and off we went. We didn't get very far before Derrick was kissing me. He had a muscular build and dreamy blue eyes. Having him notice me was a dream come true, let alone to start necking with him. As we got going, Harold started kissing my shoulder and neck. This was great. Two senior boys interested in me. Derrick started to feel my tit. It wasn't the first time a boy felt me up and even if we weren't alone, I wasn't going to stop this hunk. Harold was good looking too, and not far behind Derrick in going for my tits. I turned my head to kiss Harold as he squeezed my tit, and as I did he unhooked the back of my bra in one quick motion. Derrick and Harold instantly had my bra and tank-top up to my armpits and my tits out. That's when Michael reached back between the bucket seats and put his hand on my thigh. As he gently rubbed the inside of my thigh, I resumed kissing Derrick. Harold moved down and began to suck my nipple. I had earlier thought about when I would have sex, and was determined to fuck a guy by the end of the year. The right opportunity for a quiet romantic setting with a great guy just had not happened.




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