Stories - Virgins

It all started when I was working for the City Department of corrections where the corrections department only took young adults under the age of 19 years old. Needless to say, there were some really nice looking girls coming in to stay awhile, and my job was to supervise these girls and try to keep them out of trouble. One night I had the 12:00 am to 8:00 am hell shift (some of the staff hated it) but that night I loved it. There is a policy that we have to abide which we have to check all the rooms every hour to make sure everybody is in bed, sleep or at least in their rooms. Since I came in at 12:00 am, I waited until 1:00 am to check all eight rooms. It doesn't take very long to walk the halls and peep in the rooms. I proceeded to walk down the hall and checked the first three rooms on the right side of the hall and then work my way back up the left side. Once I got to the left side, I opened the door of Amber Halls room. I peeked in and noticed that her bed was empty. Not a sole was there. I flipped the light on and searched behind the door but still no Amber. I became nervous real fast since this was my shift and I couldn't see having a runnaway on my shift. I closed the door and walked up to the staff office and was going to make a call to the Director. As I opened the door, I saw Amber - 18 year old sweetheart with sandy blonde hair, aqua blue eyes and this wonderful slender body - all muscle - not an inch of fat on this girl. She was standing there with her head cocked to one side and her tight little panties riding her ass. She just looked at me and rolled her tongue around the edge of her lips like she really wanted to suck my already hard cock.


Birthday Games for Friends
Lisa had always been the "doucumentor" of the family. She seemed always to be taking notes at every gathering and could recall with great detail what was said or done by anyone there. Since my 21 year old stepdaughter received the camcorder as a gift last Christmas, it has been her constant companion, traveling with her wherever she goes. Alternately it has become almost a permanent fixture on its tripod in the corner of our Family Room, silently and watchfully recording candid views of our family life for posterity. Last weekend Liza knocked on my study door for a short visit before her date, bringing with her a small giftwrapped package. She asked me not to open the package until after both her and her 18 year old sister Jenifer had left for the evening. When her fiance John arrived, she kissed me goodnight, told me to enjoy my gift, and they left for their date. I had been planning to spend the evening working on the revised blueprints for the Mall we were building, but curiosity about the package was getting to me. It seemed like hours before Jenifer's boyfriend Frankie arrived and they too left for the pool party at Joan's house (even though it was only 20 min.) but finally I was alone and I could open the mysterious gift. I poured myself a glass of wine and proceeded to rip open the wrapping paper. Inside was a videotape and a note from Liza saying simply "ENJOY". Their natural father died when they were very young, (Jenifer was only a year old at the time), and their mother was killed in a car accident 4 years later so I had to raise the girls alone, being both mother and father at the same time. It hasn't been always easy, but we do enjoy a special closeness that only families that have dealt with death like this seem to have. I couldn't wait any longer to find out what was on this tape, so I fed it into the VCR, turned on the television, and sat back in my recliner to watch. The credits came on. The title was simply Jenifer's 18th Birthday Party. From the opening frames it was obvious that Liza had recorded it from the tripod in the corner of our Family Room, also it appeared that no one was aware the camera was silently watching and recording the proceedings. I smiled to myself on Liza's thoughtfulness.


Cherry Popping
Jeanine the virgin, looked up at Robert with apprehensive eyes. He smiled down at her with a barely concealed contempt that made her both revolt against him... and desire him. He told her, withou ceremony, to lie face down on the bed, with a pillow under her tits and her ass in the air. Jeanine did as instructed, her face pressed into the mattress, a pillow under her chest and her ass high and inviting. She presented a delightful view. Robert once agin marveled at his good fortune. Not only was he going to fuck this gorgeous piece of ass but he was going to be the FIRST to fuck this gorgeous piece of ass. "Are you ready to become a woman, Cunt?" Robert asked. Jeanine was having a hard time catching her breath. In this position she realized how vulnerable she was to Robert's advances. All her life she had saved her virginity for her marriage bed. She had fought temptation, and more than one boyfriend, in doing so and now she knew she was going to lose her most precious gift to this evil man."Tell me how much you want it Jeanine. Beg me to pop your cherry." Robert taunted.The tears welled up in Jeanine's eyes as she looked over her shoulder to see Robert idly stroking his manhood."Please don't make me do this Robert." Jeanine pleaded. Robert's smile faded as his eyes narrowed. "Now, Bitch, get yourself nice and wet and tell me now how much you want me to fuck you." As Jeanine resigned herself to the inevitable she heard her own voice begin to beg. "Oh yea baby, I need that nice big Cock. See my pussy? It's all wet just thinking about what your going to do for me." Jeanine felt Robert's hand on her backside as her began to knead her cheeks. She jumped as he began to spread her ass open and felt his hot breath on her now exposed pussy.




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