Stories - Peeing

Golden Photo Opportunity
Recently, I found the idea of giving my boyfriend a golden shower a hot and kinky thought, but there was a problem. I hadn't been able to pee with someone listening for ages, ever since high school when a girl teased me at how loud I tinkled. Now as an adult, just peeing at the doctor's office was a nightmare. Work and college were worse. I always had to wait until the other women left until I could go. Sure, I knew I had a hang up, but everyone had a hidden quirk about something. This was mine. Maybe because peeing for Robert was something I couldn't do was what made it a turn on for me. I had vivid fantasies about peeing on Robert's hard cock in the shower. One afternoon in the shower, I tried to pee standing behind him with my eyes closed. I didn't care at that moment if he knew or not. I just wanted to do it. I thought about Niagara Falls and a frosty bottle of beer. Nothing happened. Robert turned around and asked me what was wrong. I looked frustrated. I told him why. He was turned on by the idea as well. I'd caught him more than once with golden shower pictures from glossy men's magazines tucked beneath our mattress. I looked at those pictures, wishing I had the freedom the models had, peeing in the great outdoors for all to see. I tried leaving the bathroom door open a crack, but as soon as I thought about Robert listening, I clamped up. Robert was disappointed. "I do want to pee for you," I told him. "I just need to get over this."




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