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12 Orgy Galleries

21 Photo Albums

43 Real TV Channel

12 Theme Rooms

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Site Review - Orgy Fantasy


First Impressions

Platinum offers very high quality sites to it's members. They cater for all tastes and offer 'extra' goodies to meet the needs of those who like a variety of porn.

Each section of the site has a ratings button so you can tell the powers that be what you like and don't like. Presumably, this is so they can make improvements based on what members want rather than what they think you want.

Focal Point

It makes no difference, whichever Platinum site you join, the games arcade is a highly addictive environment. You chose the girl, what toy she plays with, which part of the body she plays on etc, I got so wrapped up in the games I nearly forgot why I was there.

It I get tired of porn, which happens when you review lots of sites, I like to do something different, and the games on offer here certainly give me just that.

What do I get for my money?

12 Orgy Galleries

Featuring more than 3000 high quality images of facials and blowjobs.

21 Photo Albums

Including Group, Brunettes, Teens, Lesbians, Fetish, Ebony, Upskirt, Mature, Toons and much more, this section appears to be updated very regularly.

43 Real TV Channels

Hundreds of video streams in Real format is the order of the day. Watch Outrageous Orgies, the  famous Pam & Tommy video, Private Channels, Jumbo Jugs and many more streaming videos through the best quality media streaming provider, REAL NETWORKS.

12 Theme Rooms

What is a theme room? It is where you can see content in a particular niche, for example, they offer Oral Video Theme Gallery, Mature Video Theme Gallery, Asian Video Theme Gallery, and so on.

Excellent content and highly re-watch able.

Live Shows

The very name suggests quality, and you are not wrong. Live shows offer you a fresh content source every time you view. So you may watch a wrestling match every day but not with the same girls, or with different rules etc.

The Voyeur Dorm, Live Women's Wrestling, Cams Girls Live, Teen Sex and much more provides you with the hottest and freshest daily content anywhere on the net.

Voyeur Cams

Live wrestling is the main subject here. You can watch everything from the pre match medical exam to the shower and bedroom scene afterwards.

The fights themselves feature two women who fight each other, clothes are ripped off and other interesting things happen throughout. If you join this site, I highly recommend the wrestling matches.

Stories And Magazines

What can I say? These are simply an added extra to give you something else to do around here. The stories are of various topics and the magazines feature things such as Penis Enlargement, Toons, Kama Sutra and many more sources of information.

Games Arcade

These high quality, highly addictive games include (all have an adult twist):

Slot Machines, Jizz Ball, Strip Poker, Asteroids, Porn Mixer, Keno, Match Snatch and many more, most being interactive and all very addictive.



SUPPORT  10/10


PRICE  10/10


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