May 12th, 2006

#1 Well, shit.

10 Responses to “#1 Well, shit.”

  1. Megan Says:


  2. Raymond Says:

    She’s not gonna just get bit and turn into one of those things, right?

  3. Angel Says:

    Squeeee!!!!! Have I ever mentioned that talent is totally Hawt? ::grins::

  4. Sensei Says:

    Very nice to see you stuff online, Marty.

  5. James Says:

    Mmmmm zombilicious

  6. stacy Says:

    damn that stripper broad is fine! ;)

  7. jaymes Says:

    very cool, looking forward to some more :)

  8. Joshbert Says:

    “Everything you see is copyright 2006 Martin Whitmore, unless writ in blood. All rights most horribly reserved.”

    haha…. brilliant.

  9. kyeli Says:

    Lookit!! I’m reading your ZOMBIE COMIC. On account of the love, that is.

  10. Megan M. Says:

    Marty’s downstairs in the dealer’s room right now, and I am going to go TELL HIM that Kyeli is reading Tasty Flesh. And his head will immediately spin around in impossible glee.

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