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June 23rd, 2006

#7 Stand-Off

6 Responses to “#7 Stand-Off”

  1. James Says:

    The chair is a nice touch

  2. Angel Says:

    Ohh .. I love the brick in the purse! A very effective weapon indeed. ::grins:: This one is beautiful by the way hon. They just keep getting better! Its amazing, I’m loving these and I’m not particularly known for being fond of strippers or zombies. ::sighs and waits for the next one::

  3. Joshbert Says:


  4. Vixen Says:

    I love the silhouettes!

  5. kyeli Says:

    The last panel is incredible.

  6. Megan M. Says:

    I was kind of thinking the last panel would make a CRAZY great usericon. It’s very quiet and anticipatory. 0.0

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