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September 5th, 2008

#11 Status: FUBAR

Looks like the club just filled up faster than Stacy’s dance card during 2-for-1 lapdances. Our girls might be in trouble!

5 Responses to “#11 Status: FUBAR”

  1. Angel Says:

    Oh dear … I’ve a very bad feeling about what’s coming next.

    So get busy! ::Grins::

  2. James Says:

    Delicious stripper! It’s awesome to see you updating again man!

  3. Martin Whitmore » Blog Archive » Delicious Tasty Flesh Pinups Says:

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  4. Marty Whitmore Says:

    It’s good to *be* updating again! I didn’t realize how much I’d missed Tasty Flesh until I picked it back up again. It’s good to get back to it! …although I can’t say that the girls will be all that happy to have me back. We’ve got some rough patches in store for our heroines, but I’m sure some of them will survive. (^_^)

  5. Green Says:

    MORE! I demand MORE!

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