#102 Experiment, You Say?

#102 Experiment, You Say?

↓ Transcript
So, why isn't he up and shambling by now?
Maybe he's mad at you.
Well, whatever his excuse, he's ruining my plans for a tearful reunion with his girlfriend in the corner.
I'm bored... can we just eat him already?
He's goin' to waste! He's already dead, and nobody's even taken a bite yet!
You're right. Let's go ahead an- wait just a minute... we never actually bit this one, did we?
I think an experiment is in order...

Discussion (8)¬

  1. Rain says:

    zombie + mad scientist = ???

  2. tex says:

    …and a child will lead them…

  3. AD-Hawk says:

    Yes! Finally the process of power is upon us. The next few slides are crucial; I cannot wait to see the rigor and results. Once again, excellent work; I love how the girlfriend is just sitting quietly.

  4. James says:

    This isn’t a time for science, there’s a perfectly good buffet lying there.

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