#108 Choose Wisely

#108 Choose Wisely

Hey everyone! I realized I was coming to a point where I could really do either thing here, and wondered where you guys wanted to go first. If you want a break from Violet and her sexy cruelty, you can vote to check in on Stacy! If you’re intrigued to learn the horrors of the zombie outbreak, vote to stay right where we are! Please play nice, everyone: one vote per reader. I’ll count them up Friday night, and we’ll go wherever you decide! To vote, just comment on the comic above. Couldn’t be easier, right? Let your voice be heard!

Discussion (90)¬

  1. Ullor says:

    I vote for B. Time to see the victims.

  2. gravitybear says:

    Time to check back on the others (B). You can finish the story about the spread of the infection later.

  3. Broken Crayonz says:


  4. Trina says:

    BBBBBBBB! Strippers, for sure.

  5. nikko says:

    I would like to see B please.

  6. Gert says:

    tough choice.. B but with a smallll margin
    Thanks ;)

  7. Mikkyg says:

    undead violet blue is fantastic, but i haveto go with option B.

  8. Liz D-M says:

    So hard to choose, but I’ll go with the majority and say “B”.

  9. Tara says:

    how about you hurry the fuck up and show something?

  10. Zoe says:

    Tara, do not be unkind!

    I vote B. Although I would love to see how the infection spreads, I think that you can do that as more of a back story while still continuing with the strippers, no?

  11. Quadrashocker says:

    I’m gonna have to go with B!

  12. Davy says:

    I vote B, but only because Violet just put her clothes back on. :)

  13. PeaBucket says:

    I’d have to say be.

    …. I feel like such a sheep.

  14. LandShark says:

    B cause

  15. D says:

    BBBBBBBB I miss the girls!

  16. Jonathan says:

    Verily violent Violet voraciously votes via vacuum. A.

  17. mr.bishop says:

    Yeah, I would also go for B.

  18. Andrew says:

    I’m going to say A. After all how many zombie apocolipses have you seen focusing on the zombie side of the story?

  19. Sim^moN says:

    I vote for B – stick with Stacy. I miss the girls =)

  20. Jill says:

    I Vote A!!!!!!!!!

  21. Dan Whiskey says:

    I vote B. Tough decision though.

  22. night of knights says:


  23. night of knights says:

    by the way lovr poisen pretty sick

  24. garrunu says:

    A. once it catches up, I wouldn’t mind going back to strippers.

  25. sleepydave says:

    B, please.

  26. stacy says:

    i vote to go back to stacy. since i am stacy.

  27. saltydog says:

    i think Marty must have died … now i will never know what happened next and the possibilities of what might have been will haunt me the rest of my life…. its possible i will have to seek out a psychiatrist to help deal with this loss. perhaps i should start cutting my self now.

  28. Cherry_Darling says:

    I agree with saltydog. Marty, rise from the dead and finish what you started!!


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