Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I have to admit, I didn’t come up with this dialogue myself: my friend Jamie actually said this to the turkey we were about to eat. I laughed until I cried, then realized that’s just the kind of thing Stacy might say to the prize bird before she carved it up! So, thanks Jamie! And to everyone else, enjoy the strip as well as the holiday. This is the last strip that will go up before next week, but hopefully we’ll have Tuesday’s strip up before you’re even out of leftover turkey.

Also, I will be hosting a Live Nude Drawing session this Friday (Black Friday!) from 12-4 (CST), where you can badger me into drawing whatever your twisted hearts desire! I’ll be doing full-color commissions for $35, matted & mailed to you; I’ll also be making $5 notecard doodles, signed & mailed to you! Here’s the link:

Live Nude Drawing with Marty!

So come join us – I’ll probably be naked again! …and you can get some custom Christmas gifts for next-to-nothing, instead of braving the mongol hordes at Wal*Mart. Heheheh!