In case you missed the banners here on the site, we’re having a big fucking sale at the Meat Market this week. 33.3333% off everything, including shirts (like the Tasty Flesh shirt that belongs in *every* zombie-killing badass’s wardrobe!), prints, canvas prints (like the 18×24″ canvases of your favorite Tasty Flesh gals), and even commissioned artwork! That way, you save money when you hire me to do that special picture of Stacy you’ve always wanted. Yeah, you know the one.

Why are we having a sale? Let me lay it out for you:

1. I love my fans! You guys make it possible for me to do what I love, and I want to show you I appreciate it! If you weren’t here, I’d just be drawing strippers and zombies for myself. …and that’s kinda creepy.

2. We’ve got some amazing new merchandise coming up in the next couple weeks, and we want to clear out the stuff sitting on the shelves first. Wait ’til you guys see this stuff – some part of you will *explode* with happiness. I make no guarantee as to which part.

3. Cashflow! You know how expensive it is to fully equip a zombie stronghold? We had to divert a hot spring 17 miles so we’d have a working hot tub in the bunker. Also, the rent on that zombie stronghold is a bitch.

The sale only runs through Thursday (less than 54 hours till the 33.3333% off coupon code – DISCOUNTMEAT – stops working!), so if you want some really great stuff for a really obscene price, you’d better get a move on. You’ll have to be like one of those 28 Days Later zombies, not so much the Shaun of the Dead types. The fast zombie catches the screaming sorority girl!