That’s right, folks: Against the Dead is ready for your consumption! Rejoice!

You can get your copy of Against the Dead at

Against the Dead is a tabletop d20 RPG for people who want to play the part of survivors in a zombie apocalypse. You begin the game as an average member of modern society, suddenly faced with the horror of the living dead – you either become a survivor, or join the swelling ranks of flesh-eating zombies. You then progress through the eventual crumble and fall of civilization, until you are one of the few remaining vestiges of the human race. …but to the victor go the spoils, and with the population dwindled to next to nothing, the zombies will eventually starve and die out. And whoever is left standing at the end of the infection stands to inherit the earth! …what’s left of it, anyway.

We’ve created a game that condenses a lot of the d20 modern rules into a very easy-to-digest formula, allowing even newcomers to tabletop gaming to pick them up and get up and running quickly. The book includes everything you need to run your own game of Against the Dead except the dice. It’s got nearly 100 illustrations, including many full-color images throughout. Along with a wide selection of all kinds of zombies (viral, radioactive, mystical, divine, and many other variations), we’ve included a comprehensive system for creating new types of customized zombies to mow down, and a great chapter on how to put together and run your own Against the Dead campaigns!

Right now, only the digital version of the book is available. We will be releasing a hard copy in the near future, but need some time to reformat it for print. But if you’d like to start slaughtering zombies right away, you can get yourself a copy of Against the Dead right now at!

My fellow survivors: gas up your chainsaws, load your shotguns, and put on your ass-kicking boots. It’s zombie season!

AtD Cover